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Sofa Titanium 3P

Sofa Titanium 3P

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Indoor cushion
Outdoor cushion

Despite the size that three adults can relax slowly, weighs 21kg. Not only the places where family and friends gather, but also lying alone and relaxing luxuriously.

This product is a set of frames, indoor cushions, outdoor cushions, indoor waving tape, and outdoor waving tape.


Sofa: W1800 × D840 × H790
Seat depth: SD550
Seat height: SH400

Frame: 21 kg (46 lbs)
Indoor cushion: 26 kg (57 lbs)
Outdoor cushion: 21 kg (46 lbs)


indoor cushion fabric
・High quality Italian fabric
・Dry cleaning possible

outdoor cushion fabric
・Weather resistant against sunlight and rain
・Dry cleaning possible

indoor cushion
・High density urethane
・Hungarian Mother Goose Small Feather

outdoor cushion
・Breath Air®

indoor webbing tape
・Indoor webbing tape made by Intes

outdoor webbing tape
・Intes outdoor webbing tape

・Corrosion resistance/heat resistance/weather resistance/light resistance
・High durability
・Compatible with metal allergies


・If you are concerned about rain stains during rainy weather, please store only the cushion indoors. A little rain is no problem at all.
・Outdoor cushions are washable.
・The frame is made of a material that does not easily get dirty, but if you are concerned about it, please wipe it with a dry cloth.

About delivery / return

・The product will be delivered approximately 180 days after the order is confirmed.
・If there is a defect before use, we will exchange it with a replacement or refund 100%.
・We do not accept returns as this product is made after you place your order.

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Keep the beauty forever
Overwhelming rotation resistance

Titanium has a very high corrosion resistance and is also used for deep -sea earthquake needles and marine buildings. It is a material that is so durable that it does not corrode even if it is exposed to seawater for a long time, so you can keep it beautiful without rusting.


Lightweight that can be easily carried anywhere

One of the attractions is that titanium has an overwhelming strength, but its weight is about 60%of iron, which is very lightweight. It usually uses indoors and enables flexible enjoyment, such as bringing out outdoors on sunny days.


Standard equipment not only for outdoor cushions but also for indoor cushions

In order to make the SOFA TITANIUM maximize, we will hand out not only weather -resistant outdoor cushions but also indoor cushions with standard equipment. You can enjoy the sofa outdoors just by replacing the cushion.


The world's first
Pure titanium sofa

Rare metal titanium is a material that is distributed for extremely difficult processing and manufacturing.
Sofa Titanium, which uses pure titanium as a sofa frame for the first time in the world this time, is a very rare product worldwide.
( *) July 2022 Investigate our company


The material itself
Beautiful color and feel

Titanium features a unique deep shade that does not feel the coldness peculiar to metal material. The elegant color and blast processing that are not gold, not silver, and the gentle touch of blasting are very comfortable.


Person -friendly
Biological parentactivity

Titanium is also used for bolts used to treat implants and fractures. The reason why it is useful in the medical field is its biological affinity, and it is a material that does not easily cause allergies, so even metal allergies can use it with confidence.


Considering drainage
Frame design

Because it is a sofa that can be enjoyed outdoors, measures against sudden rain are included in the frame design. The frame on the back cushion is designed to be a ventilation on the frame on the back cushion, making it difficult for water to accumulate.