The questions that customers are frequently received are described below.
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Is it okay to leave the cushion outside in rainy weather?

Basically, there is no problem, but if you are worried about rain stains, only the cushion should be stored indoors.
There is no problem to hit a little rain.

Can the cushion be washed?

Is possible. For details, please see the instructions to be handed out at the time of attachment.

How durable is titanium sofa?

Please consider the useful life of titanium frames for many years.
Cushions and covers have been more than 10 years, taking into account our normal sofa achievements.

Please tell me how to keep the titanium clean.

Dirt is hard to attach, but if you are worried, it is enough.

Please tell me the benefits and functions of titanium sofa.

Lightweight, aging, high strength, deep shades unique to materials, and tip material directly, you can directly touch the tip material.
It is possible to enjoy the sofa more freely with the functions of materials such as the world's first product.

Why did you make a sofa with titanium?

To embody the concept of TRES, "Transcendo -Transcendence-" without any preceding manufacturers.
I once felt that it was a suitable material, but the most attractive thing was the biological affinity.
With human beings, such as implants and artificial bones, such as allergies are less likely to occur in the medical field
It is a major reason that I felt that it was a very compatible material.

Is it a portable weight?

Titanium has been adopted to achieve the weight that many people can carry.
One person is 11kg of frame weight.

How long does it take to receive the product after ordering?

It takes 6 months to deliver after receiving an order.

How much does the shipping cost cost?


There was a defect before use, what should I do?

If you find a problem when the product arrives, please contact us immediately.
We will respond or refund with an alternative.

Is it possible to return it?

Sofa Titanium is produced after ordering, so please forgive the return.

Is it necessary to assemble the sofa after receiving it?

It is not necessary to assemble the frame. It can be used simply by putting a cushion.

Is there a payment method other than a credit card?

Hereplease look at.