privacy policy

Personal information protection policy

T's Mobile Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as our company) believes that taking personal information from customers is to keep your valuable property. Based on such a perception, we will strive to properly manage personal information received from customers from the following ideas.

・ The application range of this privacy policy is only the service provided by us. (The range is stipulated in paragraph 1 below)

・ Except in the case of specified in these Terms, we will not use other than the purpose. (The purpose is specified in paragraph 2 below)

・ Unless specified in these Terms, we will not disclose to third parties. (Management is specified in paragraph 2 below)

・ Other appropriate management will be performed in the method prescribed in these Terms.

・ When we change the contents of personal information acquisition, change the usage method, change the disclosure, etc., we will publish the announcement on our website so that the user can know the contents, and this privacy policy. We will notify you by reflecting it in.


Areas where the concept of privacy policy applies

Our personal information protection is the only service provided directly by us, and services such as other organizations and companies connected by links are out of the scope.
The use of our service will be held at the responsibility of the user.
We are not liable for any damages caused by the use of various information obtained from the other websites set up on our homepage and our homepage.


Collection and use of personal information

We need some personal information about users to develop and provide the most advanced functions and services to users.
The collected personal information will be used only in the required amount to provide our services, and will not be provided to any third party except in the following cases.

If you have the consent of the user

・ When sending an e -mail to seek the consent regarding the use of personal information

・ When disclosing a company that has concluded a confidentiality contract with us (for example, a business consignment)

・ If the disclosure of personal information is requested in accordance with the provisions of other laws, such as the order of the government, the order of the administrative agency, etc., or if there is a need for a crime investigation, the elimination of the infringement of the right to third parties, or the other as it is necessary.

・ When creating statistical materials, market research, data analysis, etc.

・ When disclosing personal information to the payment company for identity verification, claiming destination confirmation, and trust survey at a payment company

・ In this case, we will provide only processed information so that specific individuals cannot be determined.



If you have any questions about the way of thinking about personal information shown here, please contact the next address by e -mail.
Personal information

GDPR Privacy Policy

This GDPR Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as the "Privacy Policy") lives in the EU that uses the products or services (hereinafter referred to as the "Service") of TES Mobile Co., Ltd. The personal data obtained from everyone (hereinafter referred to as the "user") is the handling policy. With the consent to this privacy policy, the user opensitates and explicitly agree on the agreement specified in this privacy policy (including the purpose of personal data processing and the transfer of personal data). I will give it.



The definition of terms in this privacy policy is as follows.

1. "Applicable privacy policy" means a general term for applicable privacy policies, including the enforcement method of each country related to GDPR.

2. "Personal Data" means all information about natural people who are processed or identified by us in Article 3 of this Privacy Policy.

3. "Processing" is a single or series of work performed for personal data or a series of personal data, regardless of whether or not by automatic means or not. Includes, preservation, modification, change, recovery, reference, use, disclosure of relocation, other provisions, composition, combination, restrictions, erasure, destruction, etc.)

4. "Administrator" means natural, corporate, government authorities, and other people who make decisions and means of processing personal data in collaboration with others or others.


Areas for applicable to this privacy policy

This Privacy Policy is the processing of the personal data of the user related to this service and applies to those that apply the applicable privacy law.


Personal information to collect

3.1 We may get the following personal data from the user.

(1) Name and address

(2) Email address

(3) User name and password

(4) IP address, browser and OS information, cookie information, website access history

(5) Phone number

(6) Inquiries on the web

3.2 In the following cases, we collect personal data.

(1) When the user starts using this service

(2) When other users use this service

(3) When receiving information on transaction records and payments made between users and partner partners from the partner.

(4) When the user makes inquiries from the web

3.3 As described in this Privacy Policy, we will handle personal data only according to applicable privacy laws.


Purpose of data processing and legal basis

4.1 We only handle personal data for the purpose of describing the personal data below.

(1) Communication:
In order to communicate with the personal data of our site users and (i) (i) (ii), (ii) important information for the use of our site users and / or the use of our site. It may be used to respond to (III) complaints to let us know. If our site users create an account on our site, we will save personal data so that you do not need to enter personal data every time. The processing of such personal data is necessary to fulfill the contract and to perform regular business for the purpose of gaining a legitimate profit.

(2) Marketing:
If you contact our site user by e -mail for marketing, we will always agree from our site users, unless it is related to the product you ordered in the past. I will get. Our site users have the right to stop the distribution of emails from us at any time. The processing of such personal data is necessary for the Company to obtain a legitimate profit, that is, to contact the user of our site and provide similar products and services, or the site. It is based on the prior consent of the user.

(3) Customer service:
If our site user uses a customer service, we may use the personal data of the user to provide customer service. The processing of such personal data is necessary to fulfill the contract and to perform regular business for the purpose of gaining a legitimate profit.

4.2 If we intend to process more personal data for purposes other than the purpose of collecting personal data, we will provide information on other purposes and additional information related to all other purposes before the processing. I will provide you.


Relocation of personal data to third parties

We share the personal data of our site users within us.


Preservation period

The Company will save the user's personal data at the required amount for data processing purposes, but if it is no longer necessary for the treatment purpose, we will delete the personal data.



Our services may use cookies (hereinafter referred to as cookies) and similar technologies. These technologies help our company to understand the usage status of our services, etc., and contribute to improving services. Users who want to disable cookies can disable cookies by changing the web browser settings. However, if you disable cookies, you may not be able to use some functions of our services.


Disclosure, correction, erasure, etc. of personal data, etc.

8.1 If the user, who is the subject of personal data, wishes the following, please contact our personal information inquiry window. We will respond appropriately based on the rights specified in the applied privacy law.

(1) Access to personal data

(2) Correction of personal data

(3) Erase personal data

(4) Restrictions on handling personal data

(5) objection to processing

(6) Exercise of data portability rights

8.2 In order to prevent tampering or leakage of the person's personal data by a third party, we will respond by mail or e -mail only if the identity can be verified by the submitted documents. We will strive to give an answer quickly, but please note that we may take some time to answer to confirm the registration of the applicable personal data and ensure the accuracy of the answer.

8.3 The request form and confirmation documents received from the person or the agent will not be returned. Please note that the request form will be kept appropriately by the Company, and the confirmation documents will be discarded by the Company by the Company by the Company when the purpose of use is completed.


Withdrawal of consent

If the processing of personal data is based on consent, the user always has the right to withdraw consent related to your personal data.



If you have any questions or complaints, or if you wish to exercise the rights in Paragraph 8 and 9, please contact the following contact.
T's Mobile Co., Ltd.
1114 Matsumoto-cho, Hakusan City, Ishikawa Prefecture 924-0057


General clause

11.1 We reserve the right to regularly revise this privacy policy. Please check the applicable clause regularly at the responsibility of the user.

11.2 If the provisions of the Privacy Policy violate the applicable privacy law, the clause shall be replaced by the provisions of the intention that reflects the intentions in the limits of laws and regulations. In that case, the other provisions will continue to be applied without any change.