Sustainability and luxury


Evible concept of sofa building

SOFA TITANIUM adopts a newly developed cushion using "BREATHAIR®", which has extremely high strength and weather resistance, and not only functionality as a cushion, but also "BREATHAIR®", which has recyclable environmental conformity. The toughness and cleanliness that TRES's sofa originally had was raised to a high dimension. Furthermore, by gaining the "overwhelming lightness" that the conventional sofa has, it has become possible to bring it out to various places, indoors and outdoors.
Sofa Titanium offers new options for how to enjoy the sofa as a flagship model that embodies TRES's philosophy, "Transcendo-Transcendence-".


With cutting -edge material
Once again
Open a new field

Authenticity (Authent City) is a long -selling modern design, not in the sum, while using plenty of walnuts and black cherry, which are high -quality furniture wood. The main body frame is made up of high -quality solid wood, and it can maintain the beauty of natural materials such as beeswax for several decades. This series, where you can feel the warmth of wood while keeping a modern design, has opened a new field on the sofa at the time and became a product loved by many people.
For nearly 20 years, I've been thinking about the Authentication.
The conclusion that arrived at the corona was the titanium frame. A cutting -edge material located exactly opposite to Authenticity. It is extremely difficult to process and is a high -value material used in extreme environments. It has overwhelming rotation and heat resistance, but is also used in the medical field because it is less likely to cause allergies to the human body and has a good biological affinity.
No matter how wonderful the material is, if you use it on the sofa, it must be a person -friendly material.
We will open a new field on the sofa again and take a challenge that exceeds the established concept.



Cutting -edge material
Sofa using "titanium"

SOFA TITANIUM adopts the cutting -edge material "titanium" as a sofa frame.
Despite the corrosion resistance and heat resistance, it is also used in the medical field because it is less likely to cause allergies to the human body and has good biological compatibility.
High -value -added materials used in extreme environments are extremely difficult to process, requiring high technical skills for craftsmen.


The world's first pure titanium
Sofa frame

Rare metal titanium is a material that is distributed for extremely difficult and limited applications for processing and manufacturing.
The first time in the world ( *) Sofa Titanium, which uses pure titanium for the sofa frame, is a very rare product.
( *) July 2022 Investigate our company


Keep the beauty forever
Overwhelming rotation resistance

Titanium has a very high corrosion resistance and is also used for deep -sea earthquake needles and marine buildings. It is a material that is so durable that it does not corrode even if it is exposed to seawater for a long time, so you can keep it beautiful without rusting.


Can be carried anywhere

One of the attractions is that titanium has an overwhelming strength, but its weight is about 60%of iron, which is very lightweight. Usually use indoors and enables flexible fun ways to bring out outdoors on sunny holidays.


The material itself
Beautiful color and feel

Titanium features a unique deep shade that does not feel the coldness peculiar to metal material. The elegant color and blast processing that are not gold, not silver, and the gentle touch of blasting are very comfortable.


People -friendly biological parons

Titanium is also used for bolts used to treat implants and fractures. The reason why it is useful in the medical field is its biological affinity, and it is a material that is unlikely to occur allergies, so please be assured that metal allergies are also assured.


Considering drainage
Frame design

Because it is a sofa that can be enjoyed outdoors, measures against sudden rain are included in the frame design. The frame on the back cushion is designed to be a ventilation on the frame on the back cushion, making it difficult for water to accumulate.


About designers


Born in Ishikawa Prefecture in 1963.
In 1986, Graduated from Musashino Art University, Department of Basic Design, Faculty of Art and Design. After graduating, he worked on the architectural design of the U.S. military base in Japan after working in a major furniture maker design department, and in 1992, he used a U -turn to Ishikawa Prefecture and joined a certain furniture manufacturer as a director of the Planning and Development Office. He studied interior design at studying abroad in Italy the same year. While his enrollment, he was involved in the launch of the original brand and the license business of a luxury Italian sofa maker. He became independent in 2000 and founded T's Mobile with his representative, Koshimura. Since then, he has designed all products under its brand as a sofa designer.

Cooperation companies

TOYOBO Co., Ltd.

A manufacturer of high-performance materials founded in 1882. It manufactures, processes, and sells various products, etc. in the fields of films and functional materials, mobility, lifestyle and environment, and life science. This time, the company will supply "BREATHAIR®︎" a three-dimensional reticular fiber structure. "BREATHAIR®︎" is a structure made of polyetherester fibers with rubber elasticity.

Tokyo Titanium Co., Ltd.

He is a top runner in the field of titanium founded in 1982 and is a processed company specializing in titanium.
He has its own factory in Saitama, and has a wide range of processing and manufacturing, from medical products to ship materials (such as deep -sea floor frames) with the top -class titanium processing technology in Japan. He also sells titanium materials and parts.
This time, we have supplied the design and requested to create a titanium processing drawing that includes material selection (pipe size, thickness, etc.) that considers processing efficiency and cost.

About Tres The Sofa Tailor

No second to luxury brands in the world,
I want to make the best sofa in Japan

Founded as a venture company in 2000 in Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture, with the aim of manufacturing and selling top -class sofas in Japan.
After that, while producing OEM production of a lifestyle shop in the city center, in 2003, he launched a sofa brand Authenticity using high -quality solid wood and opened a new field on a luxury sofa.
With the launch of a new brand TRES THE SOFA TAILOR Aoyama in 2017, it will establish a brand by three directly managed stores and will continue to provide high -quality sofa life as a domestic luxury sofa maker who is not as good as the Italian brand.